Let me ask you something...

✅  Do you struggle to find rhythm and consistency in prayer?

✅  Do you feel like you've been drowning in stress and anxiety?

 ✅  Has your heart been aching for a faith community?

✅  Feeling trapped in doubt and unworthiness when it comes to your body and your physical health?

If so, my friend, I know exactly how you feel. 


Let me introduce myself... 

Hi, I'm Jurell Sison...

I’m a father to two kiddos, been married for 7 years and wow… I’m just trying to figure out how to make it through this mess of a pandemic life. 

I’m not sure about you but there are a lot of days that I find myself still grieving the pain and loss from the last year… I grew to become so unhealthy and angry in so many ways.

I look back at my choices and the ways I took care of myself in 2020 and I don’t even recognize that person.

That was until May 2020–when I put on the Mile-a-Day in May Challenge with The Living Person. It was then that I started running and walking everyday with my TLP community. I was held accountable and pushed to my limits by all the stories I was hearing on social media and slowly… day by day… mile by mile… I was getting better… my life felt like it was healing…

I started to pray again with a deeper sense of trust that God had my back. 

and I realize now more than ever how much I needed a starting point. 

I had so many people saying I need to "pray more" or "trust more" but somehow those sayings just made me even more confused... more lost...

The mile-a-day, however, was a simple enough starting point to get me out of my daily rut. It got me moving and doing something different. It got me outside… walking, jogging, and even running for my best time on some days. 

Over time I felt myself getting stronger not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

My heart started to open itself up to the expansive grace of God’s love. I became more prayerful and reflective … I started to slow down my life to become more present and grateful. 

All this to tell you that the mile-a-day challenge has changed my life. 

It’s transformed me in a thousand different ways and I think it has a lot in store for you as well.

If you are still with me... read on to see how the Mile-a-Day has transformed others as well...

Will it work for me?

Here's what I'm willing to tell you. It works for me. Something special happens when your goals and your "why" is made public... others get inspired and strengthened to do the work with you. The work be becomes all the more beautiful and meaningful. 

Here's what some people are saying about the Mile-a-day Challenge


Has the comfortable life led you astray?

If you were anything like me, you’ve been living your life "by default" and not by design. 

Don't get me wrong, routines are great and fine until they lead us astray. And often times, that's when the Mile-a-day has transformed me the most. It's simple enough, intentional enough, and beautiful enough to wake me up to the ways I need to change. 

Do you feel stuck? Need a reset? Is your heart yearning to get back on track?

Feeling stuck and like you're not living up to your potential literally sucks. There's no other way for me to express it. It's painful and I know the experience all too well but...

The Mile-a-Day has become my "go-to" tool to reset, recharge, and reclaim my life--

physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every time I do it, I experience a total reboot and learn so many NEW lessons in the process. 

Now that I've found 5 years of growth and transformation from this work, I'm on a mission to help others–just like you– discover what it means to become fully alive. 

You in?

What would daily walking and praying do for your stress and anxiety? Thousands of people have already been transformed by the MILE-A-DAY CHALLENGE. Join our community today!

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What you're gonna get... 


💥   30 MOTIVATION EMAILS with daily homework, prayers, scriptures, reflections, podcasts, encouragement from MILE-A-Day alumni

💥   4 VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS These “workshops” are designed like retreats. They are self-paced and include lectures, videos, worksheets and personal reflection exercises to get the most of your MILE-A-DAY experience.

💥    CHALLENGE CARD TEMPLATES to make your goals and your "why" public and they come in some amazing colors!!

💥    MOTIVATIONAL WALLPAPERS to keep inspiration and affirmations top of mind when the days get tough

💥    CURATED SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS for you to listen through on your walks and runs

Here is what we'll cover...


Week 1: Redefining Success

In week 1, here's what you'll be able to do... 

  • Say goodbye to dysfunctional definitions of success
  • Stop being ashamed of your desires. Our deepest desires are God's desires.
  • Uncover what you really, truly want in life (the answer may totally surprise you!)
  • Connect your miles to your life's deep purpose
  • After we do all this, I'll walk you through some new research on habit change that has totally shifted my perspective–allowing me to feel SO MUCH LESS GUILT in the process of changing my habits.

Week 2: Examining Your Doubts and Limiting Beliefs

In week 2 it's time to go head to head with fear and self-doubt. This is tough work but I'm here to do it with you. After this week you'll be able to...

  • Learn/revisit powerful concepts about doubt and faith in the scriptures that help me to be fearless in any situation. (I love this section and it works for me for both little and big things)
  • Stop pretending like you don't have doubts and fears and use them to create courage and freedom. We all have doubts and fears and life can become more way more free if we learn how to deal with them.
  • Discern between the true self and the false self that keeps showing up uninvited.
  • Use your real doubts and fears to identify your TRUE story. One that gives you unwavering confidence for life's obstacles both big and small.

Week 3: Facing Your Junk, Finding Your Joy

In week 3, we go deep... like really deep. This week you will...

  • Learn about our unhealthy attachments to "happiness" and the traps of comparison that come along with it
  • Explore and talk about the cost of ignoring our junk and our suffering
  • Examine what hurt and pain you're holding back from God on our miles. (This is tough... like really tough ...but also the start of real transformation and you know it. If you're gonna do it you might as well do it with our community. We will do this work together.)
  • Experience real examples of what it looks like to come face to face with suffering and find deep joy (this little teaching point on joy has single-handedly changed my life and I cannot wait to share it with you)

Week 4: The Human Person Fully Alive

In week 4, we're at the home stretch... This week you will...

  • Find yourself doing your miles with a more intentional spirit of surrender
  • Learn about the proven path to becoming fully alive (hint: the answer is different than "surrender" it's so much more beautiful!!!)
  • Find peace in the simplicity of God's plan vs the chaos and complexity of our plans
  • Learn that saying "no" is an act of courage that protects your most important "yes" 
  • Have your eyes opened to the true potential that exists within yourself 

What would daily walking and praying do for your stress and anxiety? Thousands of people have already been transformed by the MILE-A-DAY CHALLENGE. Join our community today!

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What people are saying about the challenge...